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April 12, 2019New Site Launched

Welcome to version 4 of my portfolio website! The design is inspired by a modern Windows 98 / DOS-like interface.

The website is built with GatsbyJS, a free and open-source framework based on React that helps developers build extremely performant static sites.

I am utilizing Markdown to write my posts, which acts as a data source for the static site. To render the data on the page I am querying the content through GraphQL.


The latest websites I have made are showcased in the work section in draggable, collapsable, and resizable windows.

Each client project has a custom theme with unique colors managed with CSS variables and JavaScript. The bottom of the project has a “video demo” section which showcases the responsive design of the websites in draggable/resizable windows.


The notes section is a new place on my site where I can jot down my ideas or muse over whatever topic interests me. Each post can also be styled with a custom theme.


Hope you enjoy and please contact me if something looks awry!